Terms & Conditions

Every effort is made to verify accuracy of the pricing on this website and maintain current pricing. However, Personalized Gift Source reserves the right to change prices without notice.

Personalized Gift Source will not be held responsible for erroneous pricing, product description or specifications found on 3rd party publications, websites, and search engines (such as ESP, SAGE, etc). Please verify the above mentioned information on the Personalized Gift Source website or with one of our Customer Service Representatives.

Every effort is made to verify accuracy of the product information in this catalog. Due to printing and computer monitor limitations, product colors can vary. If color is important, please request random samples or order a product proof. Personalized Gift Source cannot be held liable for erroneous information or variations in color.

White items will vary in “brightness” from job to job depending if a UV coating was used. A matte finish with no UV coating will yield the brightest white.

Several times throughout the printing and packaging process, the product count is verified. When questions arise, the actual shipping weight receipt, which is automatically generated from the shipping scale, will be used to verify product count.

It is the nature of our materials to scuff and scratch during stacking and shipping. Clear and dark colored material & imprints show this the most. This is not considered a defect.

Personalized Gift Source reserves the right to substitute our products with one of a similar design and function. Notice may or may not be given at our discretion.

Any change to a processed order must be in writing and is subject to a $10 (K) charge, in addition to any labor and material costs that have accrued.

Any cancellation to a processed order must be in writing and is subject to a $25 (K) charge, in addition to any labor and material costs that have accrued.

In the event that a return is requested, it must be pre-approved by Personalized Gift Source. Under no circumstance will returns be accepted after 30 days from date of delivery. Orders refused by the customer through no fault of Personalized Gift Source or unauthorized returned merchandise will be reshipped direct to the distributor, with re-forwarding charges being the distributor’s responsibility.

To order blank items, the cost is based on Personalized Gift Source pricing, less a 10% discount. Return of blank items will only be accepted if packages are unopened and will be subject to a 20% restocking fee. All freight is the responsibility of the customer. Packaging for blank items may vary from standard packaging.

An order acknowledgment is sent for all orders within 24 hours of the order being entered. It is the distributor’s responsibility to check for discrepancies, as the order will be proofed and produced accordingly. The acknowledgment also has disclaimers for all items being ordered. After proof approval is received, you will receive another acknowledgment showing the ship date and method. Again, please verify this information along with the ship to address for accuracy.

The distributor or end user must make their own determination that their use of product(s) is safe, lawful, and technically suitable for the intended applications.

Personalized Gift Source recommends a product proof for testing functionality of QR codes before placing an order. Minimum size should be 1 inch or larger. QR codes work best with dark ink on light items. Quality of smart phone and choice of QR reader apps affect the scanability.

We provide random samples for your convenience to show print and item quality. Samples are free of charge, however shipping is the responsibility of the distributor. Due to samples being random in nature, specific color on specific items will not be possible. If you need to see a specific color on a specific item, please refer to pricing for product proofs.

Are printed with digital UV inks and the following characteristics are not considered a defect: At folds, creases, and cut lines the ink may exhibit cracking or flaking. If you use sealing tape or labels, we recommend acrylic based adhesive as opposed to rubber based for best available adhesion or designing artwork so that desired label or tape placement is ink free.

Sizes listed refer to boxes’ inside dimensions which are represented as L” x W” x D”. Inside dimensions can vary slightly depending on assembly quality. Printed registration will vary slightly due to several factors including: artwork layout, print & cut placement relative to the corrugated material, and assembly quality. If printing full-bleed, interior/exterior prints may be visible on the outside/inside. It is strongly recommended that you plan for these possibilities when selecting sizes and setting up artwork.

Please note that as the amount of UV ink coverage increases, so does the likelihood of linear banding and cracking along folds & creases. It is the factory’s recommendation that you limit the amount of ink coverage to achieve the best results.

All mailing boxes ship flat and unassembled from our warehouse.

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