Printing Disclaimers

Imprint area specifications can be found on our website under each individual item. We recommend staying 20% under this area. Unless specified at the time of order, we will enlarge or reduce your image to fit within these areas. Artwork is enlarged and reduced proportionally by both width and height. Therefore, if you request maximum imprint area, only one of the dimensions may be maximized.

Personalized Gift Source recommends using 1pt line or thicker for thin lines. Reversed lines require 2pt line or thicker. If recommendations are not followed, we cannot be held responsible for the outcome.

Personalized Gift Source recommends using 8pt fonts or larger for basic text. Script and reversed fonts should be 10pt or larger.

Otherwise known as PMS is a system shared worldwide by the printing industry. PMS is a system that standardizes the definition of color whereby printers in separate locations can be assured of the color outcome. The use of the term PMS or PMS # in this website refers to Pantone® Matching System and its intellectual property.

Products are printed with inks that must evaporate to dry. Vapors may be trapped in the plastic packaging before they have completely dissipated. The inks are dry, but there may be a residual odor in the package from the vapors. Some colors of ink have more odor than others and the amount of ink coverage can affect the amount of odor. This odor, should it be present, is not considered a defect. It is similar to painting a room in your home. The paint will be dry, but there will be an odor that remains for several days. Should this odor be a concern, remove the products from the plastic packaging and let them air to eliminate the odor. Normally, once the products are placed for use, any odor that remains will quickly dissipate.

Variable Data Printing is available. Please speak to your Customer Service Representative for a custom quote.

Combined quantity pricing is not available.

We make every effort to ship exact quantities ordered. However, over / under runs can be +/- 8%.

We offer unique, personalized products for every occasion!

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